Compact Harvesting Machine


A complete, safe, compact and agile electric fruit harvesting machine. An agricultural vehicle suitable for all needs. A versatile fruit, multi-use fruit harvesting machine. An agricultural platform with cutting-edge technology.

This machine is for flat orchard (or max 20% slopes).

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Additional Information

Customisation options include;

  • 2 or 4 WD
  • 2 or 4 steering wheels
  • with or without levelling system.
  • Electric or hybrid, (Hybrid version is made with lithium batteries and a silenced diesel generator on board at a cost.)

There are 3 versions of this equipment.

  1. Platform MULTI-01
  2. Platform MULTI-01 with Forklifts
  3. Conveyor Belts MULTI-02

Basic model composed of:

  • electric self-propelled base with energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies
  • 2-wheel drive (with electronic differential)
  • 2 steering wheels
  • 48Volt 250Ah Lead Batteries, eco-contribution included
  • Steering wheel with handwheel
  • Complete with documentation required by the laws in force
  • Advanced machine warning and supervision system integrated in the display.

Basic model accessories:

  • 4-wheel drive

  • 4 steering wheels

  • Automatic lateral levelling system

  • Automatic longitudinal levelling system

  • 300 Ah batteries

    Additional price for Batteries 48 Volt 300Ah, eco-contribution included

  • Lithium batteries 15.54kWh

    Batteries 15,54kWh effective, in single stainless steel box. Certified and guaranteed 2 years

  • Generator kit for lithium battery (Hybrid version)

    On-board charging device with silent diesel motor. Electrical ignition and control panel

  • Rudder with approval for road use

    Complete kit of 2 detachable rear hubs, rudder with hydraulic connection, light bar with repeater plate door, front retro-reflectors, marking with related documentation for road homologation

  • Rudder without approval for road towing (only for private land)

    Complete kit of 2 detachable rear hubs and rudder with hydraulic connection. To be used only for towing and/or rescuing the machine on private land

  • Assisted driving kit

    Kit including ultrasound sensors for centering on the rows and carpet for operator presence detection

  • Remote control kit with subscription

    Vehicle remote control device allowing immediate assistance and remote software updates. Including subscription for the duration of 3 years. Possibility of extending the subscription or using your own card at a later date

  • Radio control

    Remote control custom made, equipped with all the main functions of use. Including receiver, n. 2 batteries and chargers

  • Snow chains

    Snow chains with rhombus (price per pair)

  • Custom colour wheel rims (glossy)

    Red, grey or on request in available colours

  • Custom Color Total

    Specify the desired Ral

  • Code-protected machine startup

    With this function, the ignition of the machine is protected by a code that the user must enter into the display

  • Batteries Check Level

    N.2 devices that signal when it is needed to fill up the batteries

  • Spare wheel

    Wheel complete with rim and tire

  • Extension cable for charging 10mt

    Cable for connection to the home network length 10mt with Schuco plug

Platform MULTI-01 with pantograph

  • Platform with height from 97 cm to 2,85 m
  • Lateral platforms with electric movement (0,6 m per side)
  • Manual reclinable parapets
Cpmpact Harvester

Platform MULTI-01 accessories:

  • Complete rear repetitive control

    Rear control equipped with colour LCD display and complete with all movements and functions of the machine. This control station is practically the same as the front control station (the on/off key is missing).

  • Standard radio

    Radio Makita with integrated transformer for 48Volt operation

  • Radio DAB+

    Festool Radio with integrated transformer for 48Volt operation

  • USB

    USB socket with output up to 2. 1 A for charging smartphones

  • Lighter socket 12V

    Lighter socket 12 V 10 A max. The kit consists of the socket and the protected voltage converter to lower the battery voltage from 48 V to 12 V

  • Toolbox

    Open or closed model

  • Unfolder wire coils reel

    Adjustable unfolder for various diameters to be mounted on the lateral parapet

  • Basic headlight kit

    Single led light installed on the side of the front control station, wiring and switch

  • Railing cover in eco-friendly leather

    Covers tailor-made eco-leather railing with comfortable padding

  • Railing cover in plastic spiral

    Railing cover spiral yellow hose wrapper

Platform MULTI-02 with Belts

  • Complete kit of lateral platforms
  • 4 operator belts
  • Main conveyor belt
  • filler belt
  • turret and lifter for rear discharge
Cpmpact Harvester2

Platform MULTI-02 with Belts accessories:

  • Rear belts

    Rotating rear belts on fixed zipper

  • Long front belts 2800mm

  • Turntable with automatic discharge and standard forklift

    Automated unloading of the bin with electric chain and a forklift that allows unloading up to 5% slopes without unlevel the machine (I can unload also at higher slopes but only by uplevelling the belts kit manually)

  • Electric chain on forks for unloading or loading bin

    Motorized chains with electric control from main keyboard to facilitate the unloading (or loading) of the bin

  • Repetitive command on the left

    Control equipped with colour lcd display and complete with all the movements and functions of the machine. This command post is equal to the position of main right command (only ON-OFF key missing)

  • Mini folding platforms

    Mini folding front platforms with handrail adjustable in width and height

  • Top waste kit with boxes

    Plastic boxes with metal supports

  • Radio

    Radio Makita with integrated transformer for 48Volt operation

  • Front waste support with drawbar

    Support for 2 waste boxes to be installed on the rudder

  • Front waste support without drawbar

    2 front waste boxes, replacement of the rudder

  • Toolbox on conveyor belts

    Close to the driving station

  • Headlight on conveyor belts

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Products can be modified according to your requirements

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